OnlinePokerFox Contact Page

How to Contact Me

You can email me at [email protected]

Read This Before Sending Any Emails!

Really Read It!

Some of you don’t read this and send me messages I will not respond to! It starts to get annoying!

I Only Know English

I only speak English. If you send me a message, not in English, I can try to Google Translate it and give a response back. That probably will be fun for both of us.

I Am Not Going to Give You Free Chips

I am not going to give you free chips. So don’t waste time asking me. I will ignore your request.

I frequently get asked for free chips. It is comical that people think I can give them free chips or that I would even if I could.

I would have to go out my way to add you as a friend in game. Then I would have to collude with you or send you chip gifts all the time.

Poker is a game about winning from others. Not giving! Who plays poker to give chips to others? The only people see doing this are cheaters.

I Can’t Help With Support Requests

I suppose I should be happy that people think I have the authority to help them with their game related issues. Sadly I don’t. Really I don’t.

If you need help with a game related issue, you need to contact support.

I know. Sometimes it is unhelpful, and you might not get the answer you want. But I would have to do the same thing. I don’t have the power to make things happen any faster for you.

I am just a fan who writes about their experiences and advises on how to win more. That is all the help you will get from me.