The WSOP Crown Roulette table

About Crown Roulette

Crown Roulette is a game mode in the popular online poker game WSOP. If you want to learn more about WSOP, I have a review you can read here.

In this guide, I am going to give you an amazingly easy strategy that works 100% of the time.

I also recommend looking at the WSOP game Facebook page to learn about current events.

What is Crown Roulette?

Crown Roulette is a combination of two WSOP event game modes. Texas Roulette and Crown Hold ‘em.

In Crown Roulette, you play mostly with Broadway cards. These are the cards needed to make the nut straight. That is the best straight possible. You also can play with the card 9. So you play with the cards 9, T, J, Q, K, and A.

You can only call or fold preflop. You also can only fold or go all in on the flop. This is a game mode of very simple decisions.

WSOP Crown Roulette stake selection

Preflop Guide

I play most hands preflop. But I tend to be pickier on the blinds as I don’t like playing out of position postflop. I also tend to avoid playing hands with a nine in them.

Those hands are going to be weaker postflop most of the time. I do call these hands on the button though.

Crown Roulette Postflop Strategy

The Hands You Need to Play

This following list will contain the hands that you will want to play in Crown Roulette. Stick to this list and, you will win as often as possible. I organized this list from weakest to strongest hands.

Top Two Pair

Two pair is always a more speculative hand. I sometimes go all in with this hand, but I try to avoid it. An example of a good top two pair is AQ on a flop with AQ9.

Good Trips

Trips tend to be a good hand to go all with. I am still somewhat more cautious with this hand, though. An example of a good trips hand is KK on a flop with KKT.

A Good Set

You might think that a set is the same as trips. They are both three of a kind hands, right? A set is going to be stronger than trips most of the time. This is why I go all in with almost every set I make in Crown Roulette.

An example of the best set you can have would be having pocket aces AA on a flop with AKK.

A Flush

This is the confusing hand. Since there is the nine card, it is possible to make a plain flush. I am really uncertain about this hand. Most of the time it is a fold still because if the board pairs you probably lose to a fullhouse.

I might consider going all in against one person though if the flop is unpaired. This is so situational though that I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I probably would fold out of instinct.

A Fullhouse

If you have a made hand you need to go all in! No question about it. There will be cases when somebody will call and beat you. But don’t let this slow you down. You want to go all in when currently have the best hand.

An example of a good fullhouse is AT on a flop with AAT.

Anything Stronger Than a Fullhouse

Of course, go all in if you have four of a kind or a straight flush. Be amazed and surprised at how often people will call anyway.

Losing Hands

Straights Are Not as Good as You Think

Straights are a losing hand in Crown Roulette. A straight is not going to improve to a better hand. While pairs and three of a kind will improve to a fullhouse a good amount of the time. A straight will lose most of the time.

Sometimes you might win anyway but you beating the odds here is not a good choice.

Flush Draws

With so few cards in the deck, the odds of making a flush are somewhat better. But this still is a very weak hand.

The facts are going all in on the flop with a straight flush draw is going to be a losing play long term. The times you make it will not cover the times you lose.

Plus if another player has one of the cards you need to make a straight flush you will never make it. You will never now this on the flop either. This is why I fold flush draws on the flop.

There are situations where I might go all in with a flush draw. I will call if somebody with a pitifully small stack goes all in and this a heads up head. For example, somebody goes all in for 12 blinds.

I might call to see if I make it for the fun of it at this point. I am not risking very much to see.

Any Other Hands Are Junk

Any other hand is junk. If you sit down at a table and go all in every hand, you will win some of the time. Mostly because people will fold and think you are a donk. But eventually, you are going to lose big time.

Crown Roulette Strategy Overview