How to Get Free WSOP Chips

I am going to show all the ways I know to get free chips in the WSOP game.

No WSOP Hacks or Cheats!

I Won’t Support Cheaters

If you are looking for WSOP hacks or cheats, I can not help you. As I personally think people who do these things ruin the game for others. I go over ways anybody can get free chips without breaking any rules.

No Software Is Needed for Free WSOP Chips

I also see that people online searching for software downloads and things like that for free chips. But I have no idea about anything that you can download for free WSOP chips.

That sounds like it would be a scam and I would not trust anything that promises this.

You Don’t Need to Fill Surveys to Get Free WSOP Chips

Also, none of these methods will require to fill out a survey. No legitimate way to get free chips will ask you do this.

Free Chips from Outside the Game

Free Chips from Game Notifications

If you do not disable notifications for WSOP the game will send you free chips semi-often. You tape these notifications and wait for the game to load. You will then get your free chips.

Facebook Pages

Use the WSOP Mobile Game Facebook page to keep up with events and to get free chips in the process. The Facebook page often posts with links you can click for a small boost in chips.

There is also an invite-only Facebook Group that you can join to get free chips and keep up with the news of the game as well.

Free Chips from Codes

You can find codes for free chips on the game’s Facebook page and group. You type these codes by finding the option in the game’s store. Playtika does not post codes often, but they are a nice way to get extra chips.

Free Chips from Facebook Feeds

If you visit the activity feeds of people who play the game, you can click on certain Facebook posts for free chips. You can see these posts if the person lets the game post things on their feed and their feed is public.

These posts expire so if you want free chips from this method you need to click on the links fast.

One Fast Way to Collect All of These Gifts

A website called GameHunters has an auto collection feature that lets you collect multiple chip gifts from outside the game at once.

How to Collect WSOP Chips from Inside the Game

Collect Chips Button

On the main screen, there is a collect chips button in the lower center area. After collecting free chips five times in WSOP, you get to spin the Mega Bonus Wheel.

You get a decent amount of extra chips if the spin lands on the golden wedge.

Watching Videos for Free WSOP Chips

You can watch short video ads for chips. I recived about one hundred thousand free chips for each video I watched. You can watch multiple videos as long they still are available.

Chip Gifts from Other Players

Other players can send you small chips gifts daily. Individually these gifts do not give a lot of chips, but overall, they add up to a being a nice bonus.

How to Boost Your Friend Chip Gifts and Wheel Spins

You can watch one video ad a day for a special effect. There is the Mega Mayhem effect for better bonus wheel spins. You can also choose the boosted friends gift effect.

Which effect to choose? It depends on how many friends you have. If you have many friends who send you gifts often, I would pick the boosted gifts effect.

Note these ads are not available for everybody, and no. I can’t help you if you don’t have them.

You Get Chips When You Level Up

If you have a higher account level, you get more chips from gifts. When you level up in the game, you get a small bonus amount of chips as well.

From WSOP Clubs

You receive chips you maintain your club position or move up to the next rank.

Chips from Playing Sit and Goes

You also get extra chips for every ring you win by playing sit and go tournaments. If you like tournaments playing them often and winning gets you extra chips.

Chips from Collecting Bracelets

If you enjoy playing ring games, you can get extra chips by getting bracelet chips and collecting poker bracelets.

Getting chips this way takes a long time. But when you finally do get a chip towards a bracelet the free chips is a nice bonus.

Free Chips from Slot Machine Spins

You get free spins at slot machines in the game about once a day. While you don’t get too many chips from this, it is another way to get free chips. Completing certain missions earns you free slot machine spins.

Special Effects That Help Get Free Chips

About Turbo Time

If you get the turbo time special effect, you can collect the chips even faster. Sometimes the game gives this effect during events, and you can also get turbo time from completing missions.

Other Useful Effects

There are a few other useful special effects that get you more free chips.

There are special effects that add extra golden wedges to mega bonus wheel, and there is a special effect that changes golden wedges to give more chips.

How to Get Free WSOP Chips from Completing Missions

You collect chips from completing certain missions, and the game has events where you get chips from getting certain amounts of bracelet points in a day.

How to Get Free WSOP Chips from Events

Poker Recall

About the Poker Recall Event

Sometimes the game runs events that give your free Poker Recall card packs, and this is a nice way to get extra chips. In Poker Recall you get card packs by playing the game during events or buying them.

How Poker Recall Works

You make a deck of cards, and then the game shuffles the deck. You choose five cards to make a poker hand, and you get free chips depending on the hand you make.

The amount of chips I have gained from Poker Recall tends to be very low, but everything helps.

If you want to learn more about Poker Recall I have a dedicated guide.

Power Hand Events

About Powerhand Events

During Power Hand Events you get free chips for making certain hands. That’s all there is to it and this a great way to earn extra chips.

While to get a good amount of free chips you need to make strong hands there is no downside to this event, and I like it.

I have a short guide explaining Powerhand Jackpots in more detail.

Play Omaha Hold ‘Em

I have found you have a much better chance of making strong hands playing Omaha hold ’em during these events due to the extra cards.

Other Ways to Get Free WSOP Chips

There Are Many Events

There are many varied events, and I recommend you check the Facebook often to keep up with them.

Event Examples

What Does Your Playtika Rewards Status Level Do?

Your Playtika Rewards level affects how many chips you can get from various methods, and you gain Status Points when you level up in the game and when you buy chips.

There are events that temporarily boost your Status Level, and this helps get more chips.