Poker Heat Events Ranked

A List of Poker Heat Events!

In this post, I am going to rank the event game modes in Poker Heat. I love playing events in this game, and I have a lot of opinions about each even game mode.

At the time of this post, I included every Poker Heat event game mode possible. I will update this post with new event game modes as I learn about them.

I am going to start with the events I dislike and work my way up to my favorite events.

You can learn more about current Poker Heat events on their Facebook page.

#6 Hero Royale – Spin Those Slot Machines!

About Poker Heat Hero Royale

Hero Royale is what happens when you take Hero or Zero and combine it with Heat Royale. The result is not fun.

I Dislike This Event

Hero Royale is the Poker Heat event I think is the most boring. I am going to explain why I rarely play this event.

You Win Because of Luck Instead of Good Strategy

In Hero Royale strategy doesn’t matter as much. For my poker is about using my skill to beat people. This game is boring to me because there is a little strategy to use.

No Useful Information to Gain from Watching Players

There is also little information I can use to gain an edge. I pretty much know how people will optimally play this mode so there is not much I can do.

In fact, playing against good players in this mode is pointless as I will lose and win as much as they do.

At best somebody who is an idiot and goes in all in with any cards is what I can hope for to win chips. When the event first came out, I was winning mega chips.

But as time went on, I think people started to see how to play the event and the edge I had almost vanished.

High Variance

Hero Royale has high variance. This fancy term means that even if you are a good player, you will lose often.

Hero Royale Is an Interesting Experience

While I don’t like this mode, it is a different way to play poker. I can appreciate that.

Hero Royale Guide

I have written a Hero Royale guide. You can find it here.

#5 Poker Hero or Zero – Going All in Often Is Not as Fun as It Sounds

About Hero or Zero

In Hero or Zero, you call preflop and then fold or go all in on the flop.

No Strong Feelings About Hero or Zero

I feel neutral about Hero or Zero. I can’t say I hate the event. But I won’t say I like it much either.

Sound Familiar?

I dislike Hero or Zero for some of the same reasons I hate Hero Royale. They are both based on the concept of going all in on the flop so I will have similar thoughts.

Hero or Zero Feels like a Slot Machine

Hero or Zero is a mode of going all In on the flop. So there still is some variance here. This can be quite frustrating sometimes.

Less Skill is Used

Part of being good at poker is being a better player postflop. Hero or Zero eliminates the decisions on the turn and the river cards. This will eliminate some skill by design.

Perhaps some people like this more, but I personally take great pride in making a good turn and river decisions.

I Can Win Big Some Days

Unlike Hero Royale in Hero or Zero, I can have great days. The fact is some people make terrible all in decisions. Hero or Zero speeds up this process and allows me to do many times. I love this, of course.

Hero or Zero Guide

I have written a Hero or Zero guide.

#4 Heat Royale – All the Good Cards but Not All Good Hands

About Heat Royale

Heat Royale is Texas hold ‘em but with only the Broadway cards. T,J,Q,K,A.

A royal flush is the best hand you can make during Red Attack.

I Slightly like This Event

I can say I like Heat Royale. But it is not my favorite event.

Epic Bad Beats

This mode forces me to play tighter than usual. Unlike in normal Texas hold ‘em, people getting straight flushes and four of a kind is not as a big surprise.

Because of the nature of only having good cards, sometimes you get beaten by massive hands.

I Can Win Somewhat Well Playing Heat Royale

I feel like I do OK in these events. Sometimes when you get the absolute nuts people refuse to fold. Sometimes when you get the absolute nuts people refuse to fold. I can win some decent chips in some sessions.

Heat Royale Guide

I have written a Heat Royale guide. You can find it here.

#3 Red Attack and Black Attack – Making Flushes Is Very Fun!

About Red Attack and Black Attack

These are game modes based on the idea of making flushes often. The whole deck will only be red cards or only black cards.

I like This Event

I like this event, and I always play it when it is available. It is one of my favorite Poker Heat events.

It Is Hard to Win Hands Sometimes

Good players will fold when they see you have the nuts. But I don’t worry too much about this as some players refuse to fold anyway. As time goes on, more people seem to play better.

This Is a Easy and Straightforward to Play Event

This is a very easy game mode. I wait until I have a chance to win, and then I call. When the event first started, I won many chips as people had no idea how to play it.

Now things are a bit more balanced, but I still can win good chips.

Different Strategies Are Required to Play Well

I love playing normal Texas hold ‘em poker. I would not have written this much about if I did not enjoy it. But I also enjoy new variants and game modes. So something like Black Attack and Red Attack is very refreshing.

The main difference between this and Hero or Zero and Hero Royale is that I can still play a whole hand of poker. This is part of the reason why I much prefer this event.

Red Attack and Black Attack Guide

Like with the other Poker Heat game modes I have a Red Attack and Black Attack guide. You can find it here.

#2 Turbo Heat – Fast Poker

About Turbo Heat

Turbo Heat is standard Texas hold ‘em but much faster.

I Love to Play Fast!

People who play slow on purpose are very annoying. I am not talking about people who are distracted or have internet problems. They make a choice to do this.

Part of the reason I love Turbo Heat is that this mode forces people to speed up and make decisions faster. Or else they get kicked from the table. This is my dream poker mode.

Playing Fast Causes People to Make More Mistakes

People make more poker mistakes when playing faster. I myself do as well! I love this though, as sometimes I get away with some bets because of the pressure.

Very Little to Not like About Turbo Heat

Other than the fact I sometimes make more mistakes, there is nothing to hate about this event. I wish I could always play Heat Turbo.

The only reason this is not my favorite event is because of the more unique events like Reverse.

Turbo Heat Mini Guide

Turbo Heat doesn’t need a whole guide, but I have written a post about it. You can read it here, but it is mostly what you just read.

#1! Poker Heat Heat Reverse – Losing on Purpose and Winning Big

About Heat Reverse

In Heat Reverse, the word hand wins.

I Love Heat Reverse!

Heat Reverse is my current favorite event on Poker Heat. I almost preferred Turbo Heat, but I decided I liked this better.

Winning with Bad Hands Is Fun

It is fun to win hands and go all in with like 52. In Heat Reverse, this is a good strategy. I love the change of pace, and it is refreshing to play such an odd variant of poker.

I Have a Good Strategy

I have a strategy that wins, and people don’t adjust much either. I won millions of chips early on with these events, and they greatly boosted my bankroll.

As time went on, people did catch on and started to play better. But I still see people trying to play normal hands and losing huge occasionally.

My Heat Reverse Guide

If you want to win more at Heat Reverse read my guide.

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