Hero or Zero Poker Heat Guide

Learn About Poker Heat Hero or Zero

In this guide, I explain what the Poker Heat Hero or Zero game mode is and how to play it.

How to Play Hero or Zero in Poker Heat

As the name implies, Hero or Zero is a game mode of playing your hand or folding. You can only call or fold preflop.

At the flop, you then must go all in or fold. No action on the turn and river will take place. You only have one decision to make. Call/go in or fold.

How to Play Preflop in Hero or Zero

Use a Hand Range

I highly recommend playing Texas hold ’em with a hand range. Playing poker with a hand range will solve a lot the issues bigger players have. You want to start off by playing very tight and few hands.

You can then adjust the number of hands you play based on what the other players at the table are doing.

My Hero or Zero Hand Range

  • Early Position
    • QQ+, AQ+, KQ+
  • Small and big blind
    • KK+, AK
  • Middle Position
    • TT+, AT+, KT+, QT, JT
  • Late Position
    • 88+, A8+, K8+, Q8+, J8+, T9, T8, 98

I also call with A2-A5 suited, all pairs, and connectors when on the button.

I Sometimes Play Weaker Hands

I sometimes play weaker if the situation is right, but I tend to stick to this. This range may seem a bit too tight for some players, but it is a winning strategy.

Play in Position

What Is Position in Poker?

In Poker you normally want to play as in position as much as possible. This means acting last postflop. This gives you an advantage over the other players at the table as you get to see what they do first.

Position Is Not as Important in Poker Heat Hero or Zero

In Poker Heat Hero or Zero position is not as important since there is very little preflop action. This doesn’t mean playing in position still helps though.

How to Play on the Flop in Hero or Zero

For most flops, you need to fold. The fact is if your hand is not top pair or better you probably are going to lose. I tend to wait until I have two pair or better to call an all in.

Weak pair on the flop.
On this flop, we have T5, and we have a pair of fives. This is way too weak of a hand to go all in with playing Hero or Zero.

Why? Often, I will have trips and win chips from pairs and flush/straight draws.

While T5 is not a hand I would play, sometimes you get it on the big blind, and this happens. Go all in!

Play Poker With a Good Bankroll

A Mistake Many Players Make

Playing with tiny and weak bankrolls is a mistake many players make. I only play at a table if I can buy in at least 20 times at full buy in. Any less and in my mind, I am risking too big a chunk of my bankroll.

Playing Too Risky

I often see people buy in with only one or two buy ins. These players frequently get knocked off the table for losing every single chip they have.

These players also tend to blame their mistakes on luck or claim the game cheated them. The problem is these players are playing too risky and too focused on short-term results.

bad beat example
In this hand, we went all on the flop because we hand trips. But the lucky Q9 player ends up winning with a fullhouse. This is unfortunate but it is going to happen if you play long enough!

A Good Sized Bankroll

Maybe having 20 buy ins is a bit tight for you. I recommend at least having 10 buy ins when you play. This will give you some protection against bad beats and mistakes.

Bad beats are when you have the better hand, but another player gets lucky and wins with a worse hand. This is going to happen so expect it.

Wow, what a hand! If this actually happened, people would be annoyed, but this can happen! I have seen hands like this about twice playing Poker Heat.

Common Mistakes People Make While Playing Hero or Zero

Playing Too Many Hands Preflop

Playing All Poker Hands Is Bad

I must once again stress how big a mistake it is to play any two cards. If you want to start winning more often in Poker Heat Hero or Zero, you need to use a hand range as I showed in the previous section.

If you don’t play good hands, don’t be shocked when people call with better hands and win!

Wining with Bad Hands Doesn’t Make It a Good Strategy

Also, just because you won a big hand once with a hand like T2 or 83 doesn’t mean you made a good play. Don’t let short-term thinking cloud your judgment.

Poker is about playing hands, with the best odds possible. The true goal of a good poker player is the win the most possible. Not to look cute winning with 72 offsuit.

It might be funny occasionally play bad hands, but then you better be willing to lose some chips occasionally as well!

Bad poker hand examples
Please don’t play bad hands like these. It is not worth it long term!

Going All in with Weak Draws

Don’t Play Weak Draws

Don’t go all in Poker Heat Hero or Zero mode just because you have a flush or straight draw.Only play draws when you have a straight flush draw or a nut flush draw with a good pair already.

I Fold Most Straight and Flush Draws

I tend to give up draws in Hero or Zero. Draws have value in seeing the turn and river card for cheap and then beating other players for many chips. In Hero or Zero, you can’t do this.

You must go all in or fold. This means draws in my mind are not worth playing most of the time.

If you think this is a good flush draw, then you are making a mistake! Don’t play hands like this playing Hero or Zero.

There Will Be Stronger Draws

Another thing people seem to not think about is that other people may have a stronger draw than you do. So even if you make your hand, you may lose anyway.

If you play weak flush draws all the time, eventually something like this will happen.

Only Play Draws to the Nuts

If you do wish to play flush and straight draws at least play the nuts. Play ace suited cards and only play for straights that are the highest currently possible.

This is a great draw to have on the flop. You may win with a flush or a straight. You might also win with a pair in some situations.

Going All in with Weak Pairs or Nothing at All

Never go all in Poker Heat Hero or Zero mode with nothing. Also, don’t play weak pairs unless you are 100% the player you are playing against is a manic donkey that is willing to lose with air.

I missed the flop with an ace.
This hand I have A10. I have missed the flop, and I have nothing at all. This is a bad hand to go all in with playing Hero or Zero. Don’t call or go all in with nothing!

Not Considering the Number of Players in a Hand

Be warier of calling all in when multiple people have already done so. The more people that are in a hand, the higher the chance you are going to lose.

A pair of tens on the flop would be great normally. Not so much if two people go all in before you. I will normally fold here.

Not Adjusting Play Based on Risk

Pay Attention to the Other Players at the Table

If you pay attention to the other players at the table, you will notice things. For example, maybe a player at the table only goes all in the with nuts and folds everything else.

The nuts is the best possible current hand. If you are sure you notice this, then it would dumb to call versus them with worse.

Watch the Result

Now if you make a play like this and this player shows down worse make a note of this. Maybe they are not as tight as they seem.

Play Weaker Hands Against Maniacs

If I notice a player going all in on flops with nothing and weak pairs, I will adjust my play to them as well.

Keep in mind though the other players at the table! I would only make a play like this heads up. Heads up is two player poker.

Against most players and unknown players, I probably fold this hand. But if there is a player who is consistently going all in on most flops, I will call here.

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