A Review of Poker Heat

Poker Heat is one of two poker games made by Playtika. In this review, I am going to go over what I like and don’t like about the game.

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Review Information

I have played Poker Heat for over a year. This is a game I am very familiar with, and I play it often. I have played this game on my LG V20 Android smartphone, and I play the web browser version on my Chromebook.

What Kind of Game Is Poker Heat?

Poker Heat is an online poker game. You play against other players to win their chips. Poker Heat is a Texas hold ’em poker game.

Gameplay Review

What Types of Poker Does Poker Heat Have?

The only game mode you can play outside of events is Texas hold ’em. This game does not have sit and goes or tournaments of any kind.

Poker Heat also weird new ways to play poker. I like these events as they give a fresh spin on playing poker. For example, in Red Attack, the deck of playing cards only has the red suits in it. This promoted a play style towards making flushes.

How Are the Game Controls?

This game has great bet controls. I like to tap to set the number of chips I want to bet as I am very precise in my bets. The UI is also nice to use. I have played a few poker games in the past where I spent more time fighting with the controls than betting chips.

Poker Heat Leagues

Poker Leagues are a huge part of playing Poker Heat. About every three days a new league with other players starts. Depending on how many points, you earn you either move up or drop in the league. If you don’t take part in leagues, you drop to the bottom and stay there. 

You get chips and crown points depending on where you place at the end of leagues. If you are in the top two leagues, your character portrait also is unique. You earn points by winning hands.

Collecting Rings

You collect rings by playing the game and winning hands. You earn rings by getting crowns. Also, like league points, you make more progress towards getting crowns when you win bigger hands. 

Rings are a neat way to show off your poker skill. You need to win many hands to get the rings. As somebody who loves playing poker a lot, I like having a long-term goal to work on.

Seeing somebody with one of the harder to get rings really says something about how often they play the game. You also get some bonus chips when you complete a ring as well.

Events in Poker Heat

Poker Heat is always hosting a game event of some kind. There are too many events to list, and they usually involve playing poker a certain way or doing something specific. For example, one event rewarded players more chips for winning with an ace in their hand.

A Few Nitpicks

There are a few things missing from the game I wish it had. These points might not bother most people, but I figured I mention them.

About Claims of the Game Cheating

Poker Heat is a fair game. I often see people complain about online poker games being scams or cheating. Usually, these people have no real proof other than claims of losing a hand a certain way. That or something happens that is possible but rare, so they think the game cheated them. 

Presentation Review

Music and Sounds

I long the song in this game. I appreciate it when mobile developers try to have some decent music for a change. The sounds are somewhat basic, but they function for what they need to. They are quite distinct though, and I like them.

Game Animations

Poker Heat has very fluid and active animations. The game has great transitions you see when joining and leaving a table. At the end of leagues, you get a personal status report that is fun to see.

Every time you move up or down in a league the game lets you know by an animation on the leaderboard. 

Every animation in this game looks great! How this game looks, and sounds is a huge reason why I love to this game so often.

Spending Factor Review

Like pretty much every online multiplayer poker game you can buy chips. I never buy chips in poker games. I don’t see this as being a worthwhile way to spend my money. So I can’t really compare costs in these types of game. Nothing seems too crazy though.

Annoyance Factor Review

No Mute or Report Options

One of the weird things this game does to annoy me is the fact that you can’t mute other players. I don’t get this decision as in WSOP you can mute and report other players. People can type all sorts of crazy and mean things I don’t get why you can’t mute them. 

While most people stay silent and play the game, I have met enough rude people to wish I could make them shut up. This is not game breaking as I can always ignore people or change tables, but this is a basic feature that is missing.

Popup Spam

Every time I log in, I get bombarded with every possible piece of information the game throws at me. The result is I tap very fast past everything and ignore most of it. I wish I could select an I already seen this option or something similar.

The Game Does Not Show Any Ads

One good thing is this game has no ads. There are optional ads you can watch for chips but doing this is not required.

The Game Sends Notifications Often

This games notifications may be annoying for some people. You get free chips for interacting with them and launching the game. There are options to disable all notifications from specific apps. I do this when I get annoyed at an application.

Game Designed for People to Lose Their Chips

Some events need so many crown points that would be impossible at lower stakes. Some events are only active on higher table stakes as well. The game even recommends you play high limits that without perfect play and luck will leave most players with zero chips.

My Overall Thoughts on Poker Heat

Overall Poker Heat is a great looking game with many interesting events. The game does have some annoyances but nothing too drastic.

Will I Keep on Playing Poker Heat After This Review?

Yes. I will keep on playing Poker Heat. I play Poker Heat at least 30 minutes a day most of the week.

Do I Recommend Poker Heat?

Poker Heat is the best current poker game I can think of. There are some other poker games that have other features, but overall, I like Poker Heat the most. I 100% would recommend this game to people who love to play poker. Especially if you love to play Texas hold ‘em.