Poker Recall WSOP Guide

Learn About Poker Recall in WSOP

This guide teaches you what Poker Recall in WSOP. I explain why you want to pay attention to these card packs.

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What is Poker Recall?

Poker Recall is a mini-game in WSOP. You collect cards from packs to fill up a board of cards until the board is full. You then make a poker hand using these cards to win chips.

How many chips you win is based on the hand you make and the value of the cards you use.

How to Play Poker Recall

You need to complete a board of 20 cards, and you do this by getting card packs. After getting 20 cards, the game shuffles the board.

You then pick five cards, and the poker hand you make after picking the five cards determines how many chips you win.

How Do I Get Poker Recall Cards?

How to Get Recall Card Packs from Playing

There are two ways to get card packs. First, you can get packs by playing poker at the right stakes.

When you select a stake, the game will show you the value of the cards in the packs you find by playing at it. You will randomly get card packs by playing the game.

But if the current stakes you have selected does not have an eligible card pack, then you will never find any card packs! Keep this mind.

How to Get Card Packs from Completing Missions

I am not quite sure how the game determines when you get card drops. It seems I get more drops by calling and making bigger bets. But that is just a guess, and I could be wrong.

You can also get card packs from completing missions. If a mission gives you Poker Recall card packs as a reward, there will be a tiny card pack icon as the reward.

How Many Chips Can I Win from Poker Recall?

Card Packs Have Values

More valuable card packs have better cards have better rewards. The rewards from Recall will go up.

The Different Poker Recall Pack Values

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Low Reward Poker Recall Packs Give Low Chips

If I use all bronze packs, then the reward I get from making a hand will be much lower compared to gold and platinum cards. Understanding that better packs give more chips is very important in understanding how Poker Recall works.

How to Get More Chips from Poker Recall

First, you need a lot of card packs. So playing often and completing missions that give them as rewards is a required step. If possible play at limits that give better card packs. Otherwise, the chips you get from Poker Recall will be quite low.

Hey, Wait! What About the Recall Feature!

You Have a Chance to Play Poker Recall Again

After you pick five cards, the game gives you a chance to pick five new cards on the same board. If you remember the cards you picked, this gives you a slightly better chance of winning with a higher hand.

I Don’t Think Recall Helps Much

I suppose if you were very lucky, and had a good memory this, could win you decent chips. But I feel you might as well buy chips from the store. Getting a good hand will be hard to get with only one recall.

I Would Not Spend Money on This

I personally would never spend money on this. But if you do cool! Because of people like you, I can enjoy this game for free.

I don’t mean to sound sarcastic or condescending either. I am happy that Playtikia makes money and I can keep on playing. Just not from me, though.

You Can Also Buy Recall Packs

You can also buy Poker Recall packs. I am not sure why you want to do this, though. You might as well buy chips.

Poker Recall Events

Often the game will hold events that boost the card pack drop rate. This makes Poker Recall slightly more useful, and I appreciate these events.

My Personal Thoughts on Poker Recall

Poker Recall Is OK I Suppose

I don’t think too much about Poker Recall most of the time. The fact is most of the time I get a high card or a pair. I only get like one million chips.

At my current stakes, that is not very much. I tend to open my packs after I am done playing a poker session.

I Like the Chance to Win More Free Chips

I appreciate the chance to get more free chips, but I don’t depend on Poker Recall to keep on playing the game.

The rewards I get from the silver packs are not going to excite me anytime soon. I might change my mind as I move up in stakes and get better card packs.

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