Powerhand Jackpot WSOP Guide

Learn About Powerhand Jackpots in WSOP

This will be a short guide on Powerhand Jackpots in WSOP. They are a neat way to gain extra chips.

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What is Powerhand Jackpot?

Powerhand Jackpot is a type of event commonly held in WSOP. There are multiple variations of the event.

First, Play a Stake That Is Eligible

You need to play the right stakes to win Powerhand Jackpots. Otherwise, even if get a Powerhand you will win any chips!

How to Win Powerhand Jackpot Hands

You need to have one of the Powerhand Jackpots hands. It doesn’t matter if you win the hand or not. You need to hold one of the hands and end the hand with it.

What Kind of Hands Win Powerhand Jackpots?

Here is are some of the hands that reward Powerhand Jackpots. There may be more unique hands in future events.

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Fullhouse
  • A heart flush
  • Three kings

Event Overview

  1. Play the right stakes
  2. Win with the required hands

How Useful Are Powerhand Jackpot Events?

I like Powerhand Jackpot events. I play poker like I normally do, and I win more chips when I beat other players. There is nothing to dislike about this event.

Since you need very strong hands, I don’t win too many jackpots, but it is always nice when it happens.

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