Cash Dash Nitro WSOP Guide

Learn About WSOP Cash Dash Nitro

Cash Dash Nitro is an event in the WSOP game. It a faster paced version of Texas hold ‘em.

I am going to explain how WSOP Cash Dash Nitro is different and how you can win more chips while playing it.

About the Cash Dash Nitro Bracelets

How to Get the Bracelets

You can earn bracelets by playing many hands and earnings bracelet points. To learn more about how this system works, you can read the guide I wrote.

Two Cash Dash Nitro Bracelets

  • The Sprinter Bracelet
  • The Charger Bracelet

What is WSOP Cash Dash Nitro?

No Preflop Action

In WSOP Cash Dash Nitro preflop is skipped entirely. Everybody calls and sees the flop. Instead of betting and calling preflop everybody calls an ante.

In Poker antes are chips people must call in addition to the normal action on the table preflop. In Cash Dash you only call the ante.

How Does This Change Affect the Game?

Cash Dash Nitro Is Not That Different

I know I will sound cynical, but most players in WSOP are loose fish who call and play too many hands preflop. Some of these players would have called with any two cards, to begin with.

The only real change is people cannot bet preflop. This stops people from raising huge and going all in when tilted.

The Cash Dash Nitro Postflop Action Is More Interesting

Playing all hands forces people into tough situations. For most of the players postflop is the biggest weakness and it shows in Cash Dash.

How We Can Adjust to Win More in Cash Dash Nitro?

Do Not Call Most Bets

Do not play every hand. The default action you need to take is to check and fold when people bet.

This is not playing weak poker as you do not want to call when losing. You want to wait until you have strong hands and beat people with worse.

Fold Often

Don’t feel guilt or remorse over folding to weak bets when you have nothing.

Especially in bigger pots with multiple players. Chances are somebody will have a good hand, and some people will be making bad calls. The best thing to do is to fold and avoid the situation.

Only Call If Your Hand Will Improve

Unless I have a hand that will improve by seeing more cards, I will fold to any bet. I tend to call with top pairs, or good draws the most.

Bet with Two Pair and Better

You are going to want to bet with two pair and better. But of course, call and bet with good single pair hands as well. It is normally safe to bet with top pair or an overpair.

Top Pair Example

Here is an example of a top pair. You have AK, and the flop is A37. You have top pair.

Overpair Example

Here is an example of an overpair. You have AA, and the flop is 234. You have an overpair.

Bet Huge with Three of a Kind Playing Cash Dash Nitro

Bet big with three of a kind hands. Don’t be afraid to put smaller stacked players all in. Chances are they will call with worse.

The only time you should slow down is when there a strong chance of a straight or flush on the board. Also, slow down if the person is a very tight player and they might have you beat.

Go all in With the Stronger Hands

When you have very strong hands like good straights and flushes bet even bigger or go all in. Sometimes you will get calls. People will think you are bluffing or being a donkey.

How to Play Full House and Stronger Hands

When you have a hand that is a full house or better, things become a bit more complicated. My action depends on how many people are on the table.

If I am playing heads up or there are only two other players at the table, I most likely bet like normal or go all in.

I Check and Expect Calls with a Lot People

When there are more players, I tend to check. I am hoping somebody else bets, and people call the bet. If nobody bets by the river, I will make one big bet myself.

If on the flop or turn somebody bets and everybody else folds, I normally will call and see what they do on the turn. I may go all in or call on the turn. 

How I Play Very Strong Hands Depends

How I play strong hands depends on the other players. The best I can say is play based on how you feel things will go.

I know that kind of advice might not sound helpful, but I can’t say do a certain specific thing every time a certain situation comes happens. Good players often improvise their actions.

I Always Go All in on the River

But there is one thing for sure. If I have a full house and I think I am winning I am always all in on the river. Betting any less is just leaving chips you could have won uncalled.

How to Play Draws in Cash Dash Nitro

What Are Poker Draws

Learning how to play poker draws well is a skill that takes time to learn. In poker, a draw is when you have one card to make a flush or a straight.

Beginners Should Play Strong Draws

 I recommend beginners or people trying to improve to only play draws towards the nuts.

Nut Flush Draws

Play ace high flush draws. If you make a flush you will most likely win. Only call with winning straight draws. For example, if you have 67, and the flop is K45 you are drawing towards the winning straight.

Straight Draws

I recommend only calling bets less than half the pot when playing draws.

Things can be more complex than this, but for most people, I recommend keeping it simple. Fold to bets bigger than half the pot most of the time.


What Is Semi-Bluffing?

One last concept to go over is the semi-bluff. Semi-bluffing is betting when you have a weak hand or only a draw. You want to bet weak hands that may improve.

How Is Semi-Bluffing Different?

The difference between a semi-bluff and outright bluffing is that if your hand improves it becomes a much better hand. If people fold to your semi-bluff, this is ideal as you win the pot without seeing any more action.

These Are the Types of Hands I Will Use as Semi-Bluffs

  • A good flush draw. King or Ace flush draw.
  • A weak pair.
  • Any straight draw.
  • Two overcards to make a good pair.

Example Semi-Bluff Hand

For example, I have AK, and the flop is QJ4. I bet half pot. This bet is a semi-bluff because my hand is nothing right now.  

But if the turn is an A, K, or, T, my hand most likely will win the pot. Ideally, everybody will fold to this bet.

When to Semi-Bluff in Cash Dash Nitro?

I Know When People Are Playing Weak Hands

How do we know when to semi-bluff? Over time I have discovered a tell that a lot of players have. A tell if something that you notice about another player that gives you information into how they play.

People Play Hands Fast When Weak in Cash Dash Nitro

People often check fast when their hand is weak. Why do they do this? I am going to assume impatience.

Remember the average player on WSOP is not going to be playing to win. They are going to call anything and look to hit big.

People Play Weak Hands Fast When Bored in Cash Dash Nitro

When people have a weak hand, they give up and want to move on to the next hand. I have even seen people fold to no bets postflop.

People rarely will fake weakness. If you see half the table check back in the span of like two seconds, consider semi-bluffing.

I Will Bet If My Hand Improve

If people call and my hand improves, I may bet again or check and call. This, of course, depends on the players. If I make the straight, I almost always bet again.

I Will Fold If Somebody Raises If I Semi-Bluff

People Sometimes Will Get Aggressive

Sometimes people will raise or go all in after checking. This is rare though, and I don’t consider this something to be too concerned about.

We are playing this as a bluff. We do not want to overplay this situation. Fold when people raise like this. Watch the hand and see if you can learn why the person did this.

Mini Raises Are Confusing

Now if I bet and somebody only mini raises this is confusing.

I may call, but at that point, the other person is most likely strong. People tend to make odd tiny raises with strong hands. I most likely will fold without any information.

Do Not Call Bets When You Miss When Semi-Bluffing

If people call and your hand does not improve check the next card. Don’t call any bets unless you have the right draws or high odds of improving.

Don’t Semi Bluff Twice!

If people won’t fold to the first bet, they often will not fold to a second bet. Please don’t try to semi-bluff twice. If you semi-bluff and your hand don’t improve, check back.

Yes, it will work sometimes. But you will start to look like a donk, and people will start to call you down with weak hands. You will not longer be bluffing and just betting weak.

I have seen some smart aggressive players take advantage of this by making their stronger hands look like semi-bluffs as well. But this strategy is beyond what I can teach in this guide.

Do Not Semi-Bluff Often Playing Cash Dash Nitro

This Works Great When Used Sparingly

You do not want to semi-bluff too often, or people will not fold at all. But a well-timed semi-bluff works great when you spot a good chance to do it.

Keep in mind eventually your hand will improve to a good hand. Against the right opponent, a semi-bluff may turn into you winning their chip stack. This is why this move is so powerful.

People Will Fold More Often When You Have a Tight Image

If players have in the minds the image that you are a very tight player who rarely bets, they will be more likely to fold.

People fold to my bets because they know I only play strong. Or at least they think I do. Until they catch me in a bluff!

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