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WSOP is a very fun and popular online poker game. You can read the review I written for the game here.

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Ranking the WSOP Events

In this post, I am going to rank the WSOP event game modes. I am going to start with my least favorite and work my way up to my favorite. I will update this post when there are new events.

King of the Table – being King is not so fun

This is the event I rather not play most of the time

Note this event is also known as Queen of the table sometimes. King of the Table is an interesting event, and I wanted to like this mode a lot. You get to be a King for a while and then get paid chips for being king.

I have found after playing this event multiple times that I do not like it very much. Out of all the current WSOP events, I dislike this one the most. I am going to explain why.

How do you play King of the Table?

You play standard Texas hold ‘em. The goal is to become the King of the table and to win a jackpot.

Why I don’t like to play King of the Table

The Kings tax is a huge drain

Having to pay an ante every hand is a huge drain on my chips. It makes some sessions that would have been OK or break even losing sessions.

My normal poker strategy doesn’t work here

I tried to play poker like how I normally at first playing King of the Table. It did not work at all. People would fold too much when I made a good hand. I lost chips because my strategy didn’t work too well.

I did eventually adjust, but by that time, I already did not really like this event that much anymore.

If you don’t become king, you might as well quit

If you never win any jackpots, then this event is pointless. I started to become frustrated after I watched people become king win the jackpot and then leave the table. They had their chance, and then I never get mine. This frustrated me a lot.

I Don’t like Losing Due to Things out My Control

Overall my dislike of this event is because of the fact that I can’t control when I win the jackpot. I think I rather play normal Texas hold ’em.

Why I like King of the Table

Being King Can Be Fun Sometimes

When I do become king, it is very fun. It is fun to watch people pay me to keep on playing hands after I raise them.

The Jackpot Is Also a Somewhat Cool Concept

If there could be a jackpot without the king’s tax, this mode would be perfect! But I doubt Playtikia would ever make that change.

The Short Target Jackpot Events Are Fun

During a WSOP anniversary event, you only need to be King of the Table for three rounds. This change made the event somewhat more fun. Instead of being a game of waiting and betting, the table felt a lot more dynamic.

I hope Playtikia considers keeping a change like this permanent. 10 rounds is too long.

The WSOP Crown Roulette table

Crown Roulette – Spin the slot machines!

I Don’t like Crown Roulette

Crown Roulette is tied with King of the Table to be the WSOP event game mode I don’t want to play the most. I thought very hard about this, and I can’t really decide what event I dislike more. So decided I dislike both equally.

How Do You Play Crown Roulette?

You play with a deck of cards that has 9, T, J, Q, K, and A. The only actions you can make are calling or folding preflop. You then fold or go all on the flop.

Why I Don’t like Crown Roulette

Winning Is Based on Luck

This event game mode requires very little skill. You call preflop and go all in postflop. I can see why some people might enjoy this, but to me, this is very boring.

As I want to use my skill to beat people and catch them making mistakes. I can’t do that in this event.

It Is Too Hard to Beat Good Players

Against a good player, I will lose as much as I win. That is not the outcome I want when playing poker. The only good thing about this event is that sometimes people make very odd and questionable all in calls.

I Don’ like Losing to Things out of My Control

Again I don’t want to lose a poker hand due to something out of my control. I don’t want to go all in on the flop and leave everything to chance on the turn and river cards.

Why I like Crown Roulette

It Is Very Easy to Play

This is one of the easiest ways to play poker. I have a list of hands I will play. I wait until I get those hands and I go all in.

Texas Roulette – Going All In

The First WSOP Event

Texas Roulette was the first event in WSOP, and I remember playing this event for the first time. I was somewhat excited, and I thought it was rather neat. Overall I feel neutral about playing this event.

How Do You Play Texas Roulette?

You play with a standard deck of cards. You call or fold preflop. Your only actios on the flop are folding or going all in.

Why I Don’t like Texas Roulette

Texas Roulette Requires Less Skill to Win

This mode is great for people who love to go all in. It is much easier to win when you don’t need to play the turn and river cards.

It Is Hard to Make Plays with Little Information

Most of the time, I have to play hands, with little information and I don’t like that. While playing normal Texas hold ‘em over time, I will get an idea of how people play turn and river hands. This will never happen in Texas Roulette.

Why I like Texas Roulette

Fast Gameplay

This event tends to play out very quickly. There is not much time to waste. Most of the time, I already know, what I want to do before the action gets to me. I press the button and watch what happens.

The Texas Roulette Bracelet Is Enticing

Texas Roulette has its own bracelet. This is partially why I play Texas Roulette often most of the time. I want to collect these bracelets. It is taking me a long time, but I am making progress.

Sometimes I Can Win a Lot of Chips

Every once and a while there are some really stubborn players. People who consistently go all in with bad hands. Thanks to these people I can sometimes have really good days playing Texas Roulette.

Crown Hold ‘Em Playing with the Best Cards in the Deck

I Like to Play Crown Hold ‘Em

Overall I like Crown Hold ‘em. I get to play a standard hand of poker and I get to make decisions. But I get to play with better cards than normal.

How Do You Play Crown Hold ‘Em?

You play standard Texas hold ‘em. But with a deck of cards only containing 9, T, J, Q, K, and A.

Why I Don’t Like Crown Hold ‘Em

Crazy Bad Beats and Coolers

There is a much higher chance of losing to a four of a kind or straight flush hand when playing Crown hold ‘em. This can be slightly frustrating some days. More bad beats and coolers happen when playing this game mode.

Bad beats are when you lose a good hand to a much weaker hand. A cooler is when you lose a good hand to an even better hand.

I Need to Fold More Often

I don’t mind folding In poker. I probably fold more often than most people. But it does feel odd sometimes making adjustments and folding hands I would go all in with normally playing Texas hold ’em.

Why I Like to Play Crown Hold ‘Em

I Already Play Poker Like This

The cards you get in Crown hold ‘em are the hands I stick to playing, to begin with. So Crown hold ‘em to me is like playing my entire hand range all the time.

I do need to play a bit tighter postflop, but I already do that, to begin with as well most of the time.

I Have a Great Edge Against Most Players

I love this mode because it shows how bad some people play good cards. It is quite easy to make a good fullhouse or four of a kind and beat somebody with a worse hand. People refuse to fold, and I cash in!

Cash Dash Nitro

My Favorite WSOP Event

Cash Dash Nitro is my WSOP favorite event. There are so many things to like about this event. I am going to go over what I like and not like about this event.

How to Play Cash Dash Nitro?

Cash Dash is normal Texas hold ‘em, but you skip the flop.

One Thing to Not Like About Cash Dash Nitro

Since this game mode makes you play every hand, this sometimes is annoying. I also feel like I waste chips playing these hands I don’t want to.

Why Cash Dash Nitro Is Fun

People Make More Mistakes

Most people have a hard time playing hands postflop. This mode forces you to play every hand, and this is great. Sometimes people get confused about how to play certain hands, and I can win more chips.

Very Fast Gameplay

Another reason I love Cash Dash Nitro is that it gets right to the action. You start hands on the flop. This is much faster than normal hold ‘em where people tend to stall and sit on preflop.

I Can Win a Good Amount of Chips

I like this event as I tend to do well playing it. I tend to win a nice amount of chips each time I can play it.

The Cash Dash Bracelets

Cash Dash is one of the events that have a bracelet you can earn. t is fun to earn the chips and bracelets points over time.

Executive Hold ‘Em

An Expensive Event

I am placing Executive hold ‘em outside the rest of the list. Because I probably will never actually play this event.

I can’t objectively rate this event because I can’t afford to play this event. I also don’t see this event very often, and it is pretty rare.

How to Play Executive Hold ‘Em

This is standard Texas hold ‘em. But it costs billions of chips, and most people won’t be able to afford to play it.

What Do I Think About This Event?

It is hard for me to judge this event as I might never have enough chips to play it. I guess it would be fun.

This Event Also Has a Bracelets

If you like collecting bracelets this is one of the events you can get one from.

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