King of The Table WSOP Guide

Be King of The Table!

King of the Table is one of the frequent events in the WSOP mobile game. In this guide, I am going to teach you how to win the most chips playing it.

Queen of the Table

Once there was a Queen of the table event. Outside of a name change and some visual changes this event was mostly the same. To keep things simple I will refer to these events as King of the Table only.

How Does King of the Table Work

About King of the Table

King of the Table is the most complex game mode you can play in WSOP. It will take some time to explain how it works.

Standard Texas Hold ‘em

The game uses standard Texas hold ‘em. There is the usual preflop calls and bets. Then action takes place on the flop, turn and river unless somebody wins before then.

How People Become King of The Table

There always will be a King on the table. If a table just started the King will be the first person to win a hand. WSOP crowns a new king after the King’s Jackpot is won.

What Do You Get from Being King of The Table?

The King does not have to pay the King’s Tax. If you can stay King for so many rounds, you will win the King’s Jackpot.

The number of rounds you need to win is normally ten. There was an event once with eight round King’s Jackpots. Once during a WSOP Anniversary event you only needed to stay king for three rounds!

What is the Kings Jackpot?

When somebody wins a hand and becomes King this creates a target pot. If the King wins another hand, this pot will go up. The target pot goes up when other players win.

What Is the Goal of the Target Jackpot?

The goal is for the King is remain King long enough to win the King’s Gold as the Jackpot. The goal of the other players is to win hands to lower the Target Pot.

If another player wins a hand greater than the Target Pot they become the new King. The old King does not win the Jackpot.

How Does King of the Table Change How People Play Texas Hold ‘Em

King of the Table Requires Changes in Strategy

King of the Table is interesting due to changes in strategy it requires. Learning how to play King of the Table is somewhat harder. But I have enough information to make a guide.

I have seen enough play to make some judgments but keep in mind nothing I say in absolute.

People Are More Aggressive

People tend to be more aggressive with hands they think are winning. They know if they win a big pot the target pot will be high. Some people I have seen were much more willing to go all in preflop with strong hands.

People Also Play More Tight in King of the Table

People Will Avoid Playing Hands If They Can’t Win the Jackpot

At the same time people, also are more passive. In particular when somebody is the king and close to getting the jackpot.

People Will Chase the Kings Jackpot

People often play with low bankrolls. Winning the King’s Jackpot is a huge boost for these players. People tend to pay very close attention when they are close to winning it.

Some People Do Not Adjust at All

I also noticed some people make no adjustments at all. They play as if they are playing on a standard table.

Changes to Make to Win More at King of the Table

King of the Table Is Hard to Make a Guide For

Of all the WSOP guides I written this one is the hardest. It is hard to come up with a strategy that does not make me overly aggressive but not too passive.

You Need to Win Big Hands

You need to win big hands to win the King’s Jackpot. If you are not playing to win the King’s Jackpot then playing this mode is pointless. You will pay more chips to antes and win fewer chips overall.

Standard Hold ‘Em Play Doesn’t Work as Good

My usual strategy does not work well in King of the Table. By the time I do get a good hand people will fold, and I will not win any pots. I hardly become King and win little.

Make Adjustments but Don’t over Do It

You want to play more aggressive but don’t become so aggressive you start to make dumb mistakes. You still want to go all in smart spots and make good calls.

Raise Hands Preflop

Raise all hands you intend to play preflop. I already do this most of the time anyway, but if you don’t, you should. Try raising more often before the game crowns a new king.

You want to establish an image of being an aggressive player. This will help later one when you do make a good hand.

Go All in with Strong Hands

Don’t be afraid to go all in with hands like QQ+ and AQ+. In King of the Table, we need to win big hands. If you can afford to take the extra risk, this is something to consider.

Bet Big with Strong Hands

If you have the best hand bet huge or go all in with it. Smart players will fold. But if you do get called and win chances are you stay king for the required ten rounds afterward.

What to Do After Winning a Big Hand

If you do become King after a huge win, this is great! Now you need to change gears as chances are high nobody will beat the Target Pot.

People tend to play timid and passive most of the time. Still, play a good hand in position though. Don’t give up playing completely. But you can safely fold most hands now.

If You Cannot Be King Be Passive

If somebody else is King and the Target Pot is high do not try to make huge moves. Even after winning chances are you will not be King.

If you get a genuinely good hand still play to win chips of course but try to wait until there is a new King.

People Will Play More Tight When King

Often the King will start to be passive and avoid playing huge hands when they are close to getting the Jackpot. There is not much you can do at this point.

Leave the Table If Things Are Not Going Well

Don’t Stay at Tables If They Are Too Hard

If you are at a table and the other players never give you a chance to become King leave the table. You will have to pay many antes, and lowly lose chips no matter what you do.

Things Will Get Frustrating

When this happens, I get very frustrated and may start to make mistakes. I have found it is better to stop and take a break than to keep playing in these situations.

Of course, if you playing just to pass the time or enjoy yourself keep at it! Keep in mind that because of King’s Gold you will lose more chips than normal on hard tables.

Common Mistakes People Make When Playing King of the Table

Playing as If This Is a Normal Table

Do not play kind of the table as this is a normal Texas hold ‘em table. You will be losing chips to the antes and feel like you are winning very little.

Playing Too Passive

You only want to play passive when you are the King or if the chances of becoming King are very low. In most instances, you need to bet and raise.

Checking Down Strong Hands Does Not Win Chips

Checking down with a strong hand is a missed opportunity to bet strong. Some people will bet you and raise you when you are strong.

But often the whole table will check down very fast, and no action outside of mini bets will take place.

You Should Be Betting Strong and Going All In

This idea that you will check back and get all ins will not happen most of the time. You need to go all in yourself.

If you have the nuts, do not be afraid to go straight all in. If people are going to call they will call almost no matter what you bet.

Be Careful Though

At the same time don’t be too aggressive either. You do not want to be going all in when you doubt that you are winning. Wait for the big hands to do this.

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