Learn About the WSOP Online Game

The WSOP mobile game is one of two poker games made by Playtikia.

Review Information

I played this game on my LG V20 smartphone. I have played WSOP for years, and I am very familiar with the game.

What Kind of Game Is WSOP?

WSOP is a multiplayer poker game, and you play against other players in real time. WSOP offers two poker variants. Texas hold ’em and Omaha hold ’em. You can play in ring games and sit and goes.

Ring games are the traditional poker format. Sit and goes are one table tournaments and the goal is to come in first place.

Gameplay Review

WSOP Has Hold ‘Em and Omaha

I like that WSOP offers Omaha hold ’em. This game mode is a bit more complex, but I enjoy playing it as an alternative.

You can, of course, play Texas hold ’em. This is the poker variant almost all mobile poker games offer, and I love playing it.

WSOP Has Sit and Go Tournaments

You can also play sit and goes. The popular short tournament format. I do not like the winner take all formats WSOP offers as much as traditional freezeouts.

Winner take all formats requires a different strategy, and you don’t get anything for coming in second or third place.

Most of the sit and goes need you to win one round and then play in a follow game to win chips. This second round does give chips for second place, but you must win your way to it first.

You Win Rings from Playing Sit and Goes

The game gives you rings for winning so many tournaments. This is like the actual rings WSOP offers. This is neat, and I love to show my poker skill with things like this.

Showing off a ring lets people know right away I am a winner.

You Win Bracelets in WSOP

You can also get bracelets for playing ring poker so long. This is also neat to me as well. You need to be a huge grinder to get enough points to get the bracelets. This is one of biggest accomplishments a player can receive.

You can read my guide on how to earn WSOP bracelet points here.

The Game Has Some Neat Features

This game has a few quality of life features I wish all poker games would have.

The game has the options to auto top off and auto rebuy. As a poker player, my goal is to win as many chips as possible. I only play stakes where I can buy in full.

Auto top off makes sure I stay at maximum chips 100% of the time. I hate playing small stacked.

The fast setting on WSOP is fast and forces people to keep up with the table action. I can see why some people may not like this option, but there are slower tables as well to use as well.

I want to play as many hands as possible, and I focus on that.

Speaking of being forced to keep up WSOP kicks players in ring games off the table after missing so many actions. This is another move I feel is necessary for online poker games.

From my own experience, people sit out because they can’t be bothered to pay attention or even do it on purpose.

Things I Wish the Game Had

There are a few small nitpicks I have about the game.

One thing the game is missing is the ability to use a four-colored deck. A four-color deck has red, black, green, and blue suits. This is not a deal breaker, but I appreciate the option.

It would have been nice to be able to customize the deck and table appearance as well but not too many poker games offer this feature anyway.

I wish the game had the option to sit out. This allows me to keep my place at the table when I need to do something for a short period of time.

I also wish the game offered the ability to play tables with six players. Full ring poker to me is sometimes boring as there are too many people playing. I have the biggest edge against three to six players.

The Betting Controls on the Website Can Be Better

One thing I like about WSOP is that the betting controls work great on the app version. I have played some games that had controls that made betting a certain exact amount hard.

Considering that betting is the main thing you do in poker I want to be able to do it how I want to.

The website version still has the older and hard to use betting selector though. I wish they would update it.

Appearance Review

Everything looks nice. The game is not very flashy, but it is functional. The games sounds are pretty bland. I tend to turn them off as I do not think they add anything to the game.

Spending Factor Review

I do not buy chips in poker games. I rate them here based on how many free chips are being offered to people who do not want to spend money. Everything seems fine here to me. The game gives out free chips.

I even wrote a guide on how many ways you can get free chips in this game.

Annoyance Factor Review

Too Much Popup Spam

WSOP has what I call the too much information problem. When you start the game, it spams all current events, sales, and promotions. I dislike having to close the same information many times.

If the game offered the option to see these prompts only once, like some free to play games, this would not be as bad.

Too Promotional

Also, the game tries to convince you to buy chips or spend money a lot. I get that is how games like this make money, but I get annoyed when things start getting spammy.

The Game’s Notifications Are Spammy

Speaking of being spammy WSOP also has some pointless notifications. The game reminds you to play it, and I find notifications like this pointless. I like when they give free chips though.

My Overall Thoughts on WSOP

Overall WSOP is a decent game. It is not the best poker game I have played, but it is good.

Will I Keep Playing WSOP?

WSOP is one of the multiple poker games I play often. So yes, I will keep on playing it. I do not play this game as often as Poker Heat and Zynga Poker, but I like the game enough to want to keep playing it.

Would I Recommend People Play WSOP?

If you want to play a fun mobile poker game, you can’t go wrong with WSOP. I would recommend this game. I like Poker Heat slightly better though.

If you only want to play one poker game, I would suggest that over WSOP.