WSOP Rings Guide

About WSOP Rings

I am going to explain what the rings are and how you get them in this WSOP Rings guide.

Article Update

Playtika recently changed all of the ring events in WSOP. There is now a new list of ring locations, and you only need to win four times now to get your first ring instead of five. Also, all locations now are single table events.

If you are like me and have some old rings, you still will be able to show them off. You won’t be able to earn any other old rings anymore, though.

These are the original rings you could get while playing WSOP.

About the Real WSOP Bracelets and Rings

You may have heard of the WSOP Bracelets before. (I also wrote a guide on how to get them in this game. You can read it here.) But have you heard about the WSOP rings?

Poker professionals earn the rings by playing in the WSOP Circuit. There are events around the world.

What Are the Rings in the WSOP Game?

The rings are rewards for players who win in sit and goes in the game. Win enough times, and you get a ring. You also get some chips along with it.

How to Get Rings

Win Events Multiple Times

You get the rings by winning an event four times. The number of wins required goes up as you get multiple rings.

Special Rings

There have rarely been special rings earned outside of sit and goes. I vaguely remember there being a ring based on completing missions in the past. There could be more events like this in the future.

Event Rings

About Event Rings

In addition to the standard list of locations, there are event rings. These events come and go like all WSOP events. These event rings are rarer and more prestigious.

If you really want to show off, get the event rings! I have not seen many people who a huge collection of rings. It is a true sign of skill.

WSOP Ring Leaderboards

You can get multiple rings but each ring is harder to get than the last. If you really want to show off, you can try to win the most rings at one event.

The game has a leaderboard that shows the top 100 players in every event. If you like to compete, you will enjoy the leaderboards.

Texas Hold ‘Em Sit and Go Guide

A Good Texas Hold ‘Em Sit and Go Guide

Here is a great guide for how to play Texas hold ‘em sit and goes. Read this guide to get a good basic understanding of what you need to do.

I Am Going to Explain Some Sit and Go Basics

Going over Sit and Go Basics

I am going to explain a few basic things that will help you win more often. I assume you know how to play Texas hold ‘em already.

Play Tight Early and Loose Later

Play Few Hands Early On

The basic strategy is to play tight and play loose later. What does this mean? Early on in sit and goes you do not want to take a lot of risks. You want to wait until the blinds are high to start making big plays.

Most People Call Too Much Early On

But most people tend to call a lot early on. This only will make your stack weaker when the blinds go up. This is a huge mistake. Do not play like this a normal ring game. You want to be much more selective in your hand choice.

Do Not Play Weak When Short Stacked

People Do Not Take Risks When They Need To

This is one of huge mistake I see people do all the time. Never let your chip stack get so tiny that even if you win an all in it doesn’t matter. It is better to take a risk and lose with some chips than to get so low you will lose anyway.

Go All in When Your Blinds Are Small

Keep track of the number of big blinds you have. Once you get to less than ten big blinds, you need to go all in! Try to wait for the best hand you can get and shove.

Don’t worry about what other people think or even if you lose. You must take some risk to win sit and goes. Never let your stack become so small that you can no longer pressure other players at the table.

When to Go All in When Playing Sit and Goes

This Is Complex Issue

When to go all in sit and goes is a very complex topic. See the Independent Chip Model.

But from practical experience, when your stack gets to ten big blinds or lower go all in with any pair, any ace hand and any king hand. This sounds weak, but when your stack gets this low, you need to move it or lose it.

Go All in with Almost Anything with Five Blinds or Less

If you get to five big blinds or less go all with any two good looking cards. This sounds extreme, but at this point, you need to win no matter what the odds.

You might be able to wait for a few hands but don’t be too hesitant. Once the big blind comes along go all in.

If You Wait to Go All in for Too Long You Will Not Have an Impact

Keep in mind when the blinds go up your tiny stack will become almost nothing. You will have such an uphill battle to win you would have been better off taking a huge risk earlier before you got to this point.

Coming Back from a Stack Is Hard

It is possible to come back from less than five blinds and win an event. But you are going to need luck on your side now, and any skill you could have used is now pointless.

You Need to Make a Move Before It Is Too Late

Make moves when your chip stack is bigger, and you can still use skill and pressure the table. This is also why you want to try to end games before the blinds get too high.

Beginners Have a Hard Time Understanding This

I know this is something beginner players struggle to grasp. But if you can learn this skill, you will win much more sit and go events. You will either go out trying or double up and have a good stack. But you won’t be chipped away.

Only Play to Win

I Already Play to Win Though?!

It is always important to always play to win in these events. What do I mean by that? Don’t we all want to win?!

Only First Place Finishes Mater

You must win round one events to get to round two and have a chance at winning the ring. Anything less than a first place finish is pointless. You do get a tiny amount of chips back but don’t be too concerned with that.

You Do Sometimes Get Chips but to Get Rings You Need to Win

In some events, you will get paid a nice amount of chips for finishing in second place in the second round. But if you want the rings, you will need to win.

You Need a Different Strategy Than Traditional Sit and Goes

You will need to change your strategy somewhat if you play more traditional sit and goes often. You need to play more aggressive when three handed in winner take all events.

Do Not Play for Second Place

There is no reason to fold to last until second place. If you make a big play you thought was right and it knocks you out don’t feel bad. It is better to try to win a good stack than do nothing.

There is no bubble in winner take all sit and goes. I find it odd seeing how ultra-tight people play when the blinds get high. You will not win these events being timid.

I am not saying be a donkey and go all in every chance you get. But you need to make moves when you get a good hand. There may not be a second chance.

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