About Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is a popular online Texas hold ‘em game that many people play. I am going to explain thoughts on this game by reviewing it.

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Zynga Poker Review Information

How Long Have I Played Zynga Poker?

I have played Zynga Poker for over five years, and it is one of the games I have played the longest. This game is on many platforms, and I have played it in multiple ways. I currently play the game on my desktop computer and LG V20 Android phone.

What Kind of Game Is Zynga Poker?

Zynga Poker is a multiplayer game. You play Texas hold ‘em with up to nine players.

Gameplay Review

Ring Game

The ring games work as expected. You can auto rebuy, but you cannot auto top off. You can sit up and sit back down to top off your stack though. I suppose this is better than nothing. There are five and nine person tables, and there are normal and fast speed tables.

Sit and Goes

There are multiple sit and go buy ins. There are also five, and nine player sit and go tables. Like most traditional sit and goes you get paid for coming in first and second place. Three people win chips at full ring sit and go tables.

Features I Wish the Game Had

There are a few features I wish this game would have. It would be nice to sit out for a few minutes. Sometimes I need to take a tiny break. I also wish the game had a four color deck option. It is a tiny feature I love in games.

Also, while you can stand up and sit down to top off your stack, it would be nice to have an auto top off option.

About Poker Leagues

Every week a poker league runs. You get rewards depending on your position at the end of the week. I love playing in these leagues as they can be very competitive. It is fun to see how high of a league I can get to.

The Rewards Center

Speaking of rewards, you claim your league rewards in the Rewards center. Most of the time you are given tickets. You can use tickets to open safes and get free chips and gold. Tickets are earned from playing in leagues and from completing missions.

You can learn more about the free chips you get in Zynga Poker here.

Completing Challenges

Every day you get challenges to complete. If you complete all the daily challenges, there are bonus challenges. You also get one weekly challenge. I think the challenges are a bit too hard as the game expects to play very

high stakes compared to the total amount of chips you have. I mostly ignore them.


There are events in the game sometimes as well. The event I see the most is the Mega Fast Cash events. I have seen other events as well. To keep up with current events be sure to check out the Zynga Poker Facebook page and Twitter page.


How the Game Looks

The game looks nice. The cards are nice and big and easy to see. The animations are fluid and do to feel slow.

How the Game Sounds

The game sounds OK. Nothing spectacular here but nothing terrible either. I feel neutral overall about how this game sounds. There are alert sounds when it is your turn to act. There is a clapping sound when people win hands. It gets cheesy after hearing it so many times.

Annoyance Factor

Notification Spam

This is a game with few annoyances. The biggest thing I can point out is the notification spam. The game sends notifications for free chips every once and a while. But the game also sends notifications for random things as well. I think the game send notifications a bit too much.

Some Popups

Other than that, there is not much else to point out. The game does show a few popups when you first start it but not too many.

No Ads

There are no ads of any kind in Zynga Poker. But this the standard for all Android poker games I have seen. They focus on making money by selling chips.

My Overall Thoughts on Zynga Poker

Overall Zynga Poker is a great poker game. It is not my favorite, but it is a game I play often.

Will I Play Zynga Poker After This Review?

I will keep on playing Zynga Poker. I play the game multiple times a week.

Would I Recommend Zynga Poker?

I would recommend Zynga Poker to people who are looking for an online poker game to play. Yes, I would recommend Zynga Poker. Ths is one of the biggest poker games online, and the game is fun.