Zynga Poker Table Items Guide

Learn About the Table Items in Zynga Poker

There are table items you can buy for other players in Zynga Poker.
Sending another player a Zynga Poker table item costs chips.

You can use table items for multiple reasons, and I am going to explain some uses for these items.

Angel and Devil Zynga Poker Table Items

About These Items

These items describe two different types of poker players.

The Angel Item

These are players who play straightforward poker. They bet when they are strong and fold when they are weak. There are no surprises from these players.

The Devil Item

These players bet often. They make playing against them hard, and you need to make tough decisions. They could be playing poker naughty. Which is why this item is great for them.


They are things you can buy for other players. Maybe you can think of reasons for using them?

Gift List

  • Black dice
  • Diamond Ring
  • Elvis Presley doll
  • Food Items
  • Yellow dice
  • Yellow Sunflower

Food Zynga Poker Table Items

They are food items you can buy for other players. Maybe you can think of reasons for using them?

Love Zynga Poker Table Items

About Love Items

These items are used to show affection. Often unsolicited. I often see men sending these items to women.

Taunting Players

I have also created another use case for these items. I send to the players after beating them in big hands for many chips. I sure do love a good win and the people who give them to me.

Love Items List

  • Cupid
  • Kiss
  • Love potion
  • Rose

The Play Faster Zynga Poker Table Items

What Are These Items?

These items are used to remind players they are playing too slow. I like to play a lot of poker hands.

One of the most annoying things people can do it play as slow as possible every hand. I tend to send them one of these items.

I like to think they will see the item and understand that I want them to spend up. Often, they will keep on playing slow anyway.

Play Faster Item List

  • Coffee
  • Energy Drink
  • Tortoise

The Shark

This is an item to give to players who are winning many chips. They are playing great poker, and it shows. These players often play very aggressively, but they know how to play aggressively well.

They make life hard for the other players at the table, and often people start to leave.

Taunting Zynga Poker Table Items

What Are These Items?

These are the items you can use have fun and cause some trouble at the table at the same time.

I sometimes wonder why Zynga Poker has this group of items as they never used for any good. But if they have them in game, I am going to use them.

Be Careful About What Fights You Start

Just keep in mind if you are going throw some fire be willing to catch some as well. Or be like me and use a table item blocking trophy (if you have one).


What Is the Donkey Used For?

Donkey is a slang word in poker for very aggressive players. But it specifically refers to the bad ones.

These are the players that bluff and raise often. You will see these players go all in and lose with worse hands.

These players bet big as if they are throwing temper tantrums after losing hands (Not going to lie. I sometimes do this myself when tilting.)

I like to point out these faults to other players by buying them this item. They tend to not like this, and the results are interesting.

The Fish

What Is the Fish Item Used For?

In poker, fish is a slang word for a bad player. Fish specifically call a lot of bets they should not.

They often call huge bets and then fold. They also mindlessly chase hands like straight and flush draws no matter what the odds.

I give these items to players who look like they are playing badly. To me, it is the same thing as saying: “Nice call fish” and things like that.

Sometimes people make weird and terrible calls. I tend to give them the fish afterward. Assuming they don’t leave the table.


What Is the Fool Used For?

The fool is the joker item. I give this to people who make poker plays for no reason at all. It seems like these players are playing randomly with no strategy.


What Is Poison Used For?

Don’t like being beat by a certain player? Just don’t like them for whatever reason? Show your disgust of them by sending them a bottle of poison. The message should be obvious.


What Are Tissues Used For?

Really want to rub in the salt when another player loses? Send them the tissues. I also tend to send this item to people who lose and then whine/cry about it.

Trophy Items

Used to Be Given out for Playing in Leagues

Trophy Items use to be given out for playing in the Poker Leagues. This was years ago though, and Zynga Poker no longer does this. You will see some older players with these items.

Event Trophies

You get new trophys by playing in events. Some sit and go events have trophy rewards.

How to use Trophy Items

Show off Your Skills

They are used to show off your skill. Getting the league items was not easy. They also show that a player has been playing Zynga Poker a long time. Since these are old items.

Block Table Items

Also, certain trophies can stop other players from giving you table items. Zynga has stated that this is intended.

I am not 100% why some trophies have this function, and others don’t. I just know I have a few that do. I almost always use a trophy myself to prevent players from taunting me.

Items That Used to Be in the Game

Removed Zynga Poker Table Items

For some reason, some of the items that used to be in the game are missing. Here are some items that used to be in Zynga Poker and how I used them.

The Bingo Board

Often bad players who lack skill go in all preflop every hand. There is nothing you can do to counter this other than wait and call with a good hand.

People call these poker players bingo players. This is because their playstyle looks like a bingo player waiting for the right call to win. I often gave this item to these players.


I miss this item a lot. Often people go on huge rants after losing hands. This item was a gem. Nothing was more fun that agitating whinners by pointing it out to them.

Flip the Bird

I can understand why Zynga removed this item. I was shocked it was even in the game, to begin with. This is the most shocking Zynga Poker table item I have seen!

In case you are confused flipping the bird is equivalent of showing somebody your middle finger. In some countries this is a huge insult.

I could be wrong here, and maybe that was not the intended meaning. But I don’t see how you can read this item any other way. “Flip” the bird was a cute little blue bird that occasionally jumped up in the air and did a flip.

This item is so subtle some people don’t even know what it means. I often bought it for myself when getting annoyed at other players.

Other Permanent Items

These used to be other permanent table items other than trophies. These items were on the browser version of Zynga Poker.

At one point in the time, Zynga merged the app and browser versions of the game. Now everything looks like the mobile version of the game.

After the merge, some items in the game disappeared. Zynga could return these items, but I don’t think they will.

The Watch

This item was a watch face with poker symbols on it. It was called waiting. It was a nice alternative play faster item. I would buy it for myself when I started to get impatient.

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